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Hartmanova.eu offers:

  • Knowledge and experience in the field of Czech contract law and administrative procedures.
  • Knowledge of actual, valid Czech and Dutch legislation and administrative procedures in various commercial areas such as contract law, administrative law, construction law, etc.
  • Consultation and assistance in communicating with Czech or Dutch companies, institutions and authorities
  • Knowledge of Czech culture and mentality, useful in negotiating and doing business in Czech Republic
  • Acting as an objective advisor to your business in Czech Republic and the Netherlands
  • Knowledge of European, Dutch and Czech law
  • Knowledge of the Czech language (native speaker)
  • Knowledge of the Dutch language (near-native speaker)
  • Knowledge of English (fluent).
  • High flexibility and broad functionality to individual wishes and problems.


  • Hartmanova.eu advises on buying or selling real estate in the Czech Republic regarding procedures and contracts.
  • Hartmanova.eu can do research regarding the land-use plan or developmant plan of an object
  • Hartmanova.eu screens, prepares, adapts and translates all your Dutch or Czech contracts
  • Application for access to the automatically installed electronic data mailbox 'Datove Schranky' in the Czech Republic. This data mailbox is mandatory for all communications from the Czech government (tax office, courts, trade register, etc.) to legal entities like Czech SRO's (Private Limited) or A.S.'s (Public Limited).
  • Hartmanova.eu can contact and communicate with various agencies, companies and governments in the Czech Republic or the Netherlands.
  • While foreign ownership of Czech property increases: support regarding inheritance law, liens, bankruptcies and other legal proceedings.
  • Hartmanova.eu can provide you with information regarding (other) companies, such as extracts from the Dutch Chambre of Commerce or Czech trade register.