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The Dutch Trade Register – Handelsregister - Kamer van Koophandel

Of course a Trade Register exists in the Netherlands, just like in almost any other country.

The system, however, might be slightly different from that in your home country. In the Netherlands the traderegister is managed by the Dutch Chambre of Commerce "Kamer van Koophandel".

The good news is, that al information regarding Dutch companies in the traderegister can be easily found. The disadvantage is that the website is only available in the Dutch language, and that for all documents a payment is required.

As Dutch legal professionals, we can provide you with a Dutch or English extract. Please contact us and describe your wishes. We will make you a fair offer.

Standard prices:
  • Financial statements, balance sheet, (current) statutes, etc.: from € 7.50
  • Digital abstract (Dutch): € 15, -
  • Original abstract (Dutch): € 25, -
  • Original abstract (English): € 25, -
  • Original abstract with apostille: € 55, -
Of course we are also available for other issues or questions:


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