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 Legal Services and Translations is a legal services provider that specializes mainly in the relationship between the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. was founded by Mrs. Radka Koch-Hartmanova. She moved from the Czech Republic to the Netherlands in 1998 and studied law at Tilburg University where she specialized herself in European and International Law.

From 2005 Radka also holds the Dutch nationality. The knowledge of Czech law and of administration procedures Radka acquired mainly by practical experience and furthermore in a traineeship at the Czech Government. Immediately after her study, Radka worked as a researcher on many analytical and research projects that involved Dutch law as well as Czech law and European law.


As a legal services provider for the Czech and Dutch market, also translates a vast number of documents. has academic expertise in the medical and pharmaceutical branche as well as business administration and of course legislation. Often, it is not necessary to translate the whole document "to the letter"; a summarized version may be more efficient and of course cheaper. If it regards a legal document, you will get our legal remarks for free. can translate documents in the following languages:

  • Czech to Dutch
  • Dutch to Czech
  • English to Dutch
  • Dutch to English
  • Czech to English
  • English to Czech
  • Dutch to German
  • German to Dutch
  • English to German
  • German to English
  • Slovak to Dutch

Examples of types of documents:

  • Translations of extracts of Dutch and Czech trade registers.
  • Translating documents and letters from the Czech and Dutch tax offices (Belastingdienst or Financni Urad).
  • Letters and statements from the Czech, Slovak or Dutch police.
  • Translations of criminal records.
  • Translating different kinds of contracts, sales, employment, real estate, etc.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical translations of documents from hospitals, docters, pharmacies, etc.
  • Translations of court decisions in the Czech Republic or the Netherlands.

“Radka replied quickly and accurate to our legal questions, taking “the extra step”. Compliments also to her proactive attitude!. We recommend Radka to our clients without hesitation and are looking forward to our future cooperation.”
“Radka is a very talented and skillful legal advisor for both Dutch law as well as Czech law and has helped frequently to our great satisfaction!”
Matrimonio Real Estate
“Radka Hartmanova cooperated on several projects and always proved that she quickly mastered legal challenges. Her perseverance, constantly positive attitude and eagerness to achieve results made it a pleasure working with her.”
T.M.C. Asser Institute